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The Ryukyu Islands, called the Nansei Islands (南西諸島 - Nansei-shotō) (which literally means Southwest Islands) are a chain of Japanese islands in the western Pacific Ocean at the eastern limit of the East China Sea. They stretch southwest from the island of Kyūshū to the island of Taiwan.

The Ryukyu Islands are administratively divided into Satsunan Islands to the north, belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture, and Ryukyu Shotō to the south, belonging to the Okinawa Prefecture, Japan (Yoron Island is the southernmost island of the Satsunan Islands and Yonaguni the southernmost of the Ryukyu Islands). The largest of the islands is Okinawa Island.
The islands have a subtropical climate with warm winters and hot summers. Precipitation is very high, and is affected by the rainy season and occasional typhoons.
The archipelago is home to the Ryukyuan languages. The original dialects called "Hogen" are native to each island and distinct from one another.

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